2021 Employee Awards



Neal Ferqueron  - Overall Employee of the Year


Justin Coker - Operations Employees of the Year


Bryan Weeks - Collection System Employee of the Year


April Prater - Administration Employee of the Year


Matthew Overstreet - Tony Smith Memorial Award


Robby White - Gene Hancock Leadership Award


Neal Ferqueron - Frank Rutledge Courage Award







2020 Employee Awards



David Ek - Overall Employee of the Year


Brooke Montgomery & Joey Owens (tie) - Operations Employees of the Year


Bryan Weeks - Collection System Employee of the Year


DJ Miller - Administration Employee of the Year


Vernon Griffin - Tony Smith Memorial Award


Robby White - Gene Hancock Leadership Award


Rickey Werts - Frank Rutledge Courage Award








2019 Employee Awards:

Left to right:

Robby White - Gene Hankcock Award

Ryan Evans - Operations Employee of the year, Frank Rutledge Award

Joey Owens - Frank Rutledge Award

Chad Burnette - GMD Employee of the year, Operations Employee of the year

Charlie Barr - Collections Employee of the year

DJ Miller - Admin Employee of the year



2018 Employee Awards

Robby White - GMD Employee of the Year

Gary Jones - Operations Employee of the Year

Scott Calhoun - Gene Hancock Leadership Award

David Ek - Administration Employee of the Year

Jimmy Pinson - Frank Rutledge Courage Award

David Symmes - Collection System Employee of the Year and Tony Smith Memorial Award 






2016 Employee Awards


Congratulations to Lisa Hornyak, Employee of the Year, Roy Hudgens, recipient of the Tony Smith Award and Tony Williamson, recipient of the Gene Hancock Leadership Award.

You are all a tremendous asset to GMD and we are better off because of you and our talented and dedicated staff!

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2015 Employee Awards

GMD, along with our General Manager, George Martin, is proud to recognize the following employees for their excellence and dedication to GMD. 

Congratulations to Jay Reynolds, 2015 Employee of the Year for his overall achievements at GMD and for the attitude and dedication with which he approaches his work. We appreciate what he does for GMD and in our community.

Congratulations to Charlie Barr, recipient of the 2015 Tony Smith Memorial award for his quiet and steady dedication and for being the backbone of GMD's success.

Congratulations to Brooks Jackson, recipient of the 2015 Gene Hancock Leadership award for his excellence in leading his team and GMD to success.

Thank you team for the hard work you do every day to make Greenwood better!

From L to R, Brooks Jackson, Jay Reynolds, and Charlie Barr

Brooks Jackson Jay Reynolds  Charlie Barr


Jay Reynolds and General Manager George Martin

Jay  George


 Charlie Barr and General Manager George Martin

Charlie Barr  George

 Brooks Jackson and General Manager George Martin

Brooks Jackson  George




 GMD Recognizes Compliant Pretreatment Programs


GMD recently recognized the following Industrial Users for compliance with the Industrial Pretreatment Program in 2014. Silver awards were presented to Carolina Pride Foods, Greenwood Fabricating & Plating and Greenwood Mills Harris Plant. Gold Awards were presented to Ascend Performance Materials Operations, LLC, CNC Plating, Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems, LLC, COVIDIEN, LP, FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., Greenwood County Landfill and Velux.

 Front Row: Donna Sightler - Greenwood County Public Works, Pamela Vaughn – FujiFilm and Lori Napper – Ascend.

Back Row: Mark Karner – Greenwood Fabricating & Plating, Don Theobald – Carolina Pride Foods, Steve Rudy – GMD, Scott Wells – Covidien, James Hembree – Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems and James Nicholson – Greenwood Mills.



 West Alexander WWTP Receives Gold Peak Performance Award 

 Gold Award rotated

 Greenwood Metropolitan District’s West Alexander Wastewater Treatment Facility received a Gold Excellence in Management Recognition award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) for 2011.

 This award recognizes 100 percent compliance with all National Pollution Discharge Elimination System limits for the calendar year 2011. 100 percent compliance means that after nearly 2000 analyses of 368 million gallons of reclaimed water performed throughout the year, all met state and federal water quality standards. Such an accomplishment can only be achieved through management guidance and support, along with the dedication and diligence of an excellent technical staff. 

 Operations Director Jamie Peeler said, “I am proud for Greenwood Metropolitan District, and our Operations Staff in particular. 100 percent compliance is our charge. 365 days a year, regardless of weather, our facilities are staffed by operators who are keenly aware of their responsibility to protect our surface waters.”   


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Greenwood Metropolitan District (GMD) is proud to recognize William Anderson as 2011-2012 Employee of the Year. William has over 20 years’ experience in the wastewater industry and his technical knowledge is a tremendous asset to our staff. He has a willingness to do his very best and continues to learn and represent GMD with dignity through his involvement in various organizations for water professionals. 

GMD is also pleased to recognize the following recipients of awards: Safe Team Member Award – Eric Gentry, Innovation Award – Donna Rhodes, New Team Member Award – Lisa Hornyak, Tony Smith Memorial Award – William Anderson, Team Achievement Award – Operations Staff. Individual Department Employee of the Year Awards were presented to: David Ek, Robby White, Carl Eustace, Jay Reynolds, Fielda Gray, William Anderson and Shane Gardner. 

Congratulations to all recipients for a job well done and your many efforts in helping protect the environment and our most valuable resource, water.

On August 31, 2011, GMD was proud to recognize the following employees for their outstanding dedication and commitment to our organization and our community.



EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR: Tony Williamson was named 2011 Employee of the Year. Tony represents everything that GTony Emp Year rotatedMD values; fiscal responsibility, strong leadership in our organization, embracing change for new and better processes, looking beyond “self” and giving back to our community. We are better because of Tony’s contributions and are honored to recognize him with this exceptional award.

TONY SMITH MEMORIAL AWARD: GMD is always honored to recognize members of our staff with the Tony Smith Memorial Award. Before Tony’s passing, he displayed great technical skills, was rarely absent, team oriented and helped carry out the goals and mission of GMD. Each year we recognize those employees that you may not hear much from, but as the quiet backbone of our success, these individuals get the job done in an exceptional manner.

This year’s recipients of the Tony Smith Memorial Award were: Marion Boone, Daniel Clark and Robert Turner.

VIP AWARD: This award recognizes those employees who go beyond normal expectations to make GMD an outstanding organization. They bring new ideas and are involved in the constant improvement process; they are valued stewards of GMD and are involved in many areas including our community.

This year’s recipients of the VIP Award were: William Anderson, Ken Davis, Shane Gardner, Bonnie McManus

Additional awards that were presented on August 31st include:

INNOVATION AWARD: Ken Davis, Donna Rhodes, Steve Rudy, Tony Williamson

POSITIVE SPIRIT AWARD: Scott Calhoun, Neal Ferqueron, Bo Harter, Chris McCoy, Jimmy Pinson

LEADERSHIP AWARD: Daniel Clark, Kevin Fleming, Marsha Meyer, Jamie Peeler, Sammy Robinson, Robert Turner, Robby White, Jimmy Williams

INSPIRATION AWARD: Bryan Cannon, Gary Jones, Marsha Meyer, Butch Price

ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE AWARD: Bonnie McManus, Jamie Peeler, Leigh Redden, Mike Stevenson, Tony Williamson

DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD: Administrative Services – Bonnie McManus, Collection System – Charlie Barr, Engineering – Tony Williamson, I/I Abatement – Shane Gardner, Information Technology – Jimmy Pinson, Maintenance – Jimmy Williams, Operations – Scott Calhoun

TEAM ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Biosolids Team, Collection System Rehab Team, Finance Team, Maintenance Team

CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD: Fielda Gray, Gayle Grogan, Butch Price, Jay Reynolds

SAFE TEAM MEMBER AWARD: Charlie Barr, Stacy Burnett, Brooks Fuller, Danny Hall, Jimmy Pinson, Robby White


YEARS OF SERVICE AWARD: 5 YEARS – Ryan Evans, Jimmy Williams, Tony Williamson; 10 YEARS – Jay Reynolds, David Symmes; 15 YEARS – Wayne Daniel; 20 YEARS – Mike Stevenson

Individual Industry Awards:

The Quarter Century Operator Award honors the operators of water or wastewater treatment and transportation facilities for their service e& dedication in a difficult and dangerous field.

Wayne Daniel: Collection System Director for GMD, Wayne Daniel, recently received the Water Environment Association of South Carolina Dennis Pittman Collection System Award. This award is given to an individual for excellent achievement in the maintenance of a waste water collection system. Wayne received the award during the S.C. Environmental Conference at Myrtle Beach on March 15, 2011.

altSammy Robinson: WEASC Quarter Century Operator
Sammy began working with GMD in 1985 on the right of way crew. He transferred to treatment plant operations and is now Operations Manager of the West Alexander WWTF. Sammy holds a South Carolina Class A Biological Wastewater License and a WEASC Biosolids Operator License.

Danny Hall: WEASC Quarter Century Operator
Danny Hall began working with GMD in 1979 as a maintenance person.He transferred to biosolids handling and now operates the GMD class A biosolids process. Danny holds a South Carolina Class C Biological Wastewater License and a WEASC Biosolids Operator License.

Steve Pohlman: WEASC Quarter Century Operator
Steve Pohlman began working with GMD in 1985 as Chief Operator @ the West Alexander WWTF. He later served as Operations Manager of the Wilson Creek WWTF. He now works in the GMD engineering group as an inspector. Steve holds a South Carolina Class A Biological Wastewater License and a WEASC Biosolids Operator License. He is also a lifetime member of the Water Environment Association (WEA).

altIndustrial Awards

GMD awards the Excellence in Pretreatment Award to Significant Industrial Users that have implemented a pretreatment or pollution prevention measure, and meet all sampling and reporting requirements.

Download Criteria (PDF)

2009 Winners
Carolina Pride Foods
Cooper Power Systems
Eaton Hydraulics

Carolina Pride Foods
Eaton Electrical
Eaton Hydraulics
Grede Foundry

Finance Awards

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) has awarded the Greenwood Metropolitan District the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009. This was the eighth consecutive year that the District has received this prestigious award for publishing an easily readable and efficiently organized annual financial report on a timely basis that satisfies both the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in the United States of America and applicable legal requirements.