Who We Are

Greenwood Metropolitan District

rsz group resizeA public, non-profit agency providing sewer and reclaimed water services to the Greenwood Community

Our Vision:
To be recognized by our customers for the services GMD provides and that they exceed their expectations; by employing people who are dedicated to achieving the high standards established, through education, training and technological superiority. To be recognized by regulators and peers for our reliability, desire and ability to improve and permit compliance. This will be accomplished within the next five years.

Our Mission:
This mission of Greenwood Metropolitan District ("GMD") is to protect public health and the environment; to provide state of the art wastewater collection, transportation and treatment services in the most cost effective manner for every customer. GMD is a vital part of the community’s public health system. To actively recover all resources from the wastewater cleaning process and make usable products from the recovered resources.

GMD places a high value in its employees. GMD will provide a safe, healthy working environment for all employees. GMD will adhere to all regulatory requirements, work safely, embrace new technology, utilize best management practices and approach all activities with a team concept.


Our Commitments To Our Customers

  1. To serve you positively, helpfully, fairly and efficiently.
  2. To communicate with you courteously, respectfully, honestly and directly.
  3. To give you our full attention in listening, understanding, and responding.
  4. To give you accurate and timely information and to make sure that we “close the loop” with you when you make a request or ask a question and we cannot immediately reply.
  5. To clearly explain your options when choices are available to you.
  6. To put you in touch with the GMD employee that can best meet your needs, to make sure that you are able to reach the GMD employee we refer you to, and make sure that you receive a complete response to your question or request.
  7. To invite and value your feedback on how we can improve our services.
  8. To explain how and to whom you can appeal if you disagree with a decision by GMD staff.
  9. To seek continuous improvement and efficiency in our services, facilities, and operations.
  10. To remember always that the reason for GMD’s existence is to serve the Greenwood community. We are here to serve you!


Message From The General Manager

Greenwood continues to prosper, attracting families who want strong, clean neighborhoods and businesses that depend on an excellent workforce and a vibrant local economy. The Greenwood Metropolitan District (GMD) provides now, as it will into the future, a responsible stewardship of the sewer system, which is one of the essential foundation pieces of a great city and its surrounding area.

The Greenwood Metropolitan District has a long, proud tradition of providing excellent service to our rate payers. Together, we are realizing advances in engineering, maintenance, treatment plant, operations, science and technology which will help us meet the challenges and realize the dreams of the 21st century to make Greenwood Metropolitan District a world class utility through excellent service to our customers and a meaningful, valued place to work for our co-workers. We will be an important part of making Greenwood “the best place to live, work, grow and raise a family” in our region.

~ George Martin, General Manager